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Immortal Goodbye

Mormon in the Real World

This is my deathbed scene, as prompted to write for my Death and Dying class.

Alone for the past few years, she became content with forgotten solitude; content until losing all association with it, barely grasping which world she lay in.  At least she no longer felt trapped, being beyond the captivity of her body, unaware of its final beating.  The numbness seeped into her bones, silently overruling her soul.  There was something though, faint and distant in her colorless world.  She rarely registered them, but heard their voices now.  Her grandchildren, singing a once familiar tune: Continue Reading . . .


Does your Marriage look like this?

Marriage seems to have a bad rap these days.  What with he woes of commitment, divorce rates, financial burden – and let’s not forget the kids.  Who wants those? (Oh wait, I do!)

My wise and talented friend, Mona has a divine website dedicated to infusing real romance and love back into marriage.  Her April 17th post featured this video – made by her equally awesome kids.

Marriage doesn’t have to entail misery and heartache.  It could look like this . . .

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Afterbirth stupidity – not so funny?

Mormon Myths

I’ve mentioned in comments that I find creating good posts in here VERY challenging.  Why?  I feel the need to be RC (religiously correct – yes, I’m making it up).  For example – I’m debating on whether or not I should keep the “Mormon Myths” section because part of me wants to go on some sarcastic tongue-in-cheek tangent of how lovely it is that “Mormons eat the afterbirth of their children”. Continue Reading

Religious Villainy

Mormon in the Real World

Wednesday night I went to a reading by Penn Faulkner award winning author, David Bradley.  He is the son of a preacher and grew up with very specific religious views.  He mentioned that,”Religion is fact.”  In other words, his religious beliefs are indisputable truths that define his world.  He believes this is the case with all religious people.
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Exercising Life and Truth

Featured Articles

I enjoyed this story and thought you may too.  It touches on one man’s struggles to change his lifestyle when joining The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day-Saints.   Continue Reading . . .

A?typical Mormon Background

I just published my A?typical Mormon Background in the “About” section.  Click HERE if you want to read it.

-Chickout 😉