Spiritual and Physical Gender Identity

Mormon Beliefs

We all know bodies are born with distinctive characteristics, per our sex.  What many people fail to consider is that our spirits were made male and female, just as our mortal bodies.  Therefore, just as our bodies have varying attributes, so do our spirits.

“It is the Lord himself who said that ‘the spirit and the body are the soul of man.’ (D&C 88:15.) Thus, it is our spirits, not our physical bodies, that were ‘begotten’ of God. In being born into this world as human souls, our spirits—which are the offspring of God—enter into our bodies, which are the offspring of our mortal parents; at death the spirit and the body are separated.”  ~ President Marion G. Romney (“We are Children of God,” Ensign.  Sept. 1984)

“I love the clarity of the teachings of the First Presidency and the Quorum of the Twelve in the proclamation on the family, where they state, ‘Gender is an essential characteristic of individual premortal, mortal, and eternal identity and purpose.’ 1 From that statement we are taught that every girl was feminine and female in spirit long before her mortal birth.”  ~ Margaret D. Nadauld, Young Women General President (“The Joy of Womanhood,” Ensign. Nov. 2000)

Our spirits were made male and female, just as our physical bodies are.   For example, physically we know women have a reproductive system which differs from that of men.  As our male/female physical bodies have varying attributes so do our spirit bodies possess specific spiritual qualities.

What are those varying spiritual characteristics?  One could be the female inherent gift to nurture.  Now, some may argue “not all women are nurturers.”  No they aren’t, nor are all women able to carry and bare children.  However, this doesn’t mean we weren’t designed with that potential.

The point is that both our spirits and physical bodies are influenced by our gender, and reflect qualities innate to our sex.  We have challenges with both our physical and spiritual bodies and as the two are joined here on Earth, their deficiencies affect each other.  For example, if your body has an imbalance that promotes depression this challenge can have great impact on your spiritual well being.  I think the reverse applies to spiritual challenges affecting how we treat or view our physical bodies.

What I know and believe to be true:

Just as male and female bodies physically complement each other (like puzzle pieces), so do male and female spirit bodies.  God designed and set us upon this Earth to serve, complement, and grow together.  We are intended companions not only as physical but spiritual beings as well.

“The natures of male and female spirits complete and perfect each other, and therefore men and women are intended to progress together toward exaltation. For divine purposes, male and female spirits are different, distinctive, and complementary.”~ Elder David A. Bednar (“Marriage is Essential to His Eternal Plan,” Ensign.  Sept. 1984)

Male and female spirit and physical bodies are designed per our sex.  If you’re female you have both a female spirit body and a female physical body, the two together creating a “living soul.”  I believe characteristics of spirit bodies vary as much as women have large breasts, no breasts, hormonal differences, the ability or inability to bare children and so forth.  We are uniquely designed and our characteristics physically and spiritually are an individual matter.

I know through and through that I am a woman.  I know that God designed me that way, and did so in a manner that would best serve me to develop and grow into the best that I may become (both here and in the worlds to come).  I also know that he designed a male companion for me that would help me in this journey.  I am grateful for it.

– Chickout 😉

  • What spiritual traits do you think characterize a male spirit body?  female?
  • Did you know that we are all given spiritual gifts?  Learn more HERE.


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I'm a well grounded (a)typical Mormon (Latter-day-saint) chick.

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  1. Michelle Lynn Grey

    God can do all thing’s and if I believe what your religion teaches us, that among the things we are to do here is learn from our experiences here, and Marry for all time and eternity in the temple have children for heavenly fathers spirit children to come to earth and live in and raise and teach our children about Gods ways and our beliefs and practices. Is it impossable to believe that heavenly father might send some spirits here to experience living life both as a female and then as a male. We know he sends some spirits here that die before they are born, or some live a short while days weeks or months. Some come born with disease. Some acquire it after they get here or sometime during their life. Why is it so hard to imagine or comprehend that Heavenly father might want some of his Spirit Children to experance living a while as one sex and then as another sex for a while ? As many other things they can only experance those things here on earth. I wonder if your Prophet would or has prayed on this possibility please. I would be very lnterested to here his answer. I am very happy with my body and role a a woman but, I have a friend who says God instructed him to change his gender to experance being a female. He says God also instructed him not to lie about it. That the Church he belongs to was being tested for their Chirst like Love ? I have known him most of my life and he had me convinced to join his church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. He was Randy to me my whole life, until a little over 2 years ago, now she Rachel says, when she told the Bishop he advised him not to have the sex change because he’ be come a son of perditon! and she said that unless she repented and resumed living as a man , that she would be assigned to Satan for all eternity as a his son or daughter of perdition for all eternity. The Ladies that are teaching me to be ready for my baptism are very wise Missionaries. They said do not let someone or thing not related two my personal well being keep me from being saved by thee grace of God and his only begotten Son, the one who died for me and my sins. I understand the point! I have only the last lesson and interview left to finish before my baptism. So no matter what happens to (Rachel) I will join the true Church. Maybe I can help settle the differences between Rachel and the Church. Sincerely Michelle Lynn. (On a friends phone)

  2. Hi, my name’s Cybele. I like girls.
    I’m not my sexuality, I’m not confused or ‘fallen’, I’m not some blank demographic. I’m a person, just like you. I was born in Maine and I love the ocean. I like to knit and read. My favorite color is white. My hair is black and my eyes are blue and my blood is red, just like yours.
    My girlfriend and I love each other. My hug and kiss and giggle and fit together like puzzle pieces. We fit together spiritually and physically, not because of what’s in our underwear but because of what’s in our mind.
    Are we really so different, you and I? We’re both just doing our best to make sense of things on a giant floating rock in the middle of space. We’re both with who we love. We’re both people. So why am I wrong, but you’re right?

    • Hi Cybele,
      I haven’t posted on this blog in years, but I did want to respond to your comment. Sorry it’s so late. I hope you know that I’m not suggesting your feelings aren’t real. I’m sure that they are. Yes, we have a lot in common. I too enjoy the ocean. I like to read, and I do value you. I think that in the eyes of God, you and I are of equal worth. We are both people. We are both children of God. I believe he loves us both.
      I have family members who are gay, and we disagree on some things, but we still love each other. I believe that God made us male and female for a specific purpose. This post starts to build on that concept. I believe that companionship and marriage with the opposite sex is part of His design for our eternal progression. I appreciate your comment.

  3. You are an amazing and insightful woman and I am so glad that you are my daughter. Love you

  4. I enjoyed reading your thoughts here.

  5. I didn’t know about your blog! Thank you for telling me! i love it! and this post is very thought provoking — your reasoning is beautiful. I’ll send it on to my kids who will eat it up. Did you hear my podcast “My Cup Runneth Over”? i think romance has everything to do with what you are talking about here. I’m in the middle of the book “Fall in Love and Stay in Love” which is so good about men’s and women’s needs — again — right in line with what you’ve written. Love it.

    • Hi Mona-
      Yes – I have visited and commented on your podcast (they’re always so beautiful.) I really love what you’re doing there – it’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. The feelings and thoughts one experiences when reading your posts are rare to come by in this insincere world. I’m sure your book will lead to more great messages for your site. I’m currently reading “Hard Times in Holy Places.” I think you’d love it . . . . you could have probably written it too. Thanks for visiting.

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