Afterbirth stupidity – not so funny?

Mormon Myths

I’ve mentioned in comments that I find creating good posts in here VERY challenging.  Why?  I feel the need to be RC (religiously correct – yes, I’m making it up).  For example – I’m debating on whether or not I should keep the “Mormon Myths” section because part of me wants to go on some sarcastic tongue-in-cheek tangent of how lovely it is that “Mormons eat the afterbirth of their children”.

Yes – somebody searched for that and it lead them to this site.  So after writing this delicious post about all of my “favorite” placenta sandwich, salad, and umbilical cord jerky recipes – my husband convinced me that being so snarky about such a blatantly false claim (we do not have placenta parties, people – gross) may do more harm than good.  Shucks – it was such a terribly funny post.

Of course there are other “out there” things that I would like to approach . . . but I have this moral code that says, “Remember who you are and what you represent” which means I really ought to be RC if I want to go to Heaven, right?  (Yeah – I’m being snarky again.)  Doomed I tell you, I am doomed!  It seems that all my funny has no place here.  What’s a girl to do?

Do I keep Mormon Myths?  What myths would you like to see addressed?  What crazy “Mormon things” have you heard about?

-Chickout 😉


About atmchick

I'm a well grounded (a)typical Mormon (Latter-day-saint) chick.

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  1. Given people’s short attention span, I think it’s probably good to stay away from too much sarcasm. You’re likely to be quoted out of context as “a typical Mormon chick”.

    Now if your whole site was a devoted spoof (like ‘Seriously So Blessed’), that might be something else. But mixing the serious with sarcasm could lead to misunderstanding.

  2. Oh that had me shuddering. My sister once had a boy convinced that it was a ritual for husband’s to eat the placenta after their child was born, but I’d never heard it was us Mormons in general. I know what you mean about thinking something is funny and then worrying if it is stepping beyond the “RC” bounds. I guess that is why husband’s are good to bounce things off of . . . sometimes. BUT, please do a Mormon myth on what stars REALLy are Mormons. I swear I have heard everyone from Ricky Shroeder to Snoop Dog and I always just laugh . . . but maybe some are true?

    • @Nancy: I know for sure the Snoop Dog is false (he never claimed it, someone else did as a joke) and Ricky Schroeder I read was baptized but never practiced or something like that….

      • Okay – ladies,
        I’m out of it. I don’t even know who Ricky Schroeder is! (Though the name is familiar). Research, research . . . . ugh

        Yes – husbands are good for that. Actually – I did a search today and found that snarky “deleted” post was still active (yipes!) and showing up on google. My heart plummeted thinking of all the strange things being passed along in the web world because of my stupidity. So – I deleted, deleted it. I just hope google will forgive and forget soon.

  3. People say that Mormons eat Placentas?! That’s a new one to me. Never hear that. I would just like to not get the weird, negative reaction when people find out I’m LDS. I’m still trying to get used to that. And you know, it’s usually from people who don’t know anything about our religion but only heard from “other people that it is bad” OR they only know 1 other Mormon and that person happened to have been weird or something and all of sudden they represent the rest of us. What the hey? So not fair…

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