Does your Marriage look like this?

Marriage seems to have a bad rap these days.  What with he woes of commitment, divorce rates, financial burden – and let’s not forget the kids.  Who wants those? (Oh wait, I do!)

My wise and talented friend, Mona has a divine website dedicated to infusing real romance and love back into marriage.  Her April 17th post featured this video – made by her equally awesome kids.

Marriage doesn’t have to entail misery and heartache.  It could look like this . . .

Here’s my comment on Mona’s site in reaction to this video:

I love this! I also love holding and kissing my bubba in public – laughing, teasing, and winking across rooms at each other.

Additionally, I’m lucky to have great parents who showed me that love meant turning on the record player to dance in the kitchen while whispering sweet nothings, singing in the car, playing at the park (even when we were “too old” for such nonsense), renting a silver set and catering a dinner for two in the living room, and taking family walks through the neighborhood after dinner.

You’re married not only to each other – but to your kids as well. Their sweet actions for each other made us feel special too. Their love bubbled over into a wealth of family blessings.

How do you keep this kind of marriage after years of trials and togetherness?  Try a wink and a nudge. . . . then, seek out the True Love Doctor; Mona can give you a lot more pointers than I.

Has happiness in marriage become an oddity?

Why don’t more marriages look like this?

What are your happy marriage secrets?

Check Mona’s website:

-Chickout 😉

PS.  Mona is the “gawking” lady in the video.  She’s also the creator of this:

Click on the image – it’s amazing.


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