Trial Experiments


Do you ever have trials in life that require some direction?  You get a little but know your trial – the thing you’re working through – will be of seemingly long duration?  I know how you feel.  It’s hard to work through and wait it out.  Today I came across a scripture that helped me remember patience:

And as ye have desired of my beloved brother that he should make known unto you what ye should do, because of your afflictions; and he hath spoken somewhat unto you to prepare your minds; yea, and he hath exhorted you unto faith and to patience –

Yea, even that ye would have so much faith as even to plant the word in your hearts, that ye may try the experiment of its goodness. ~ Alma Ch. 34:3-4

Isn’t all of life an experiment?  Within it we have all sorts of mini-trials.  It’s hard to prepare ourselves for them and stay constant.  Having faith it will all work out isn’t easy.  I for one am all about instant gratification.  Like when you bite into candy, and get a taste of something sweet.  Mmmmm.

Unfortunately most of life doesn’t work that way.  Instant gratification usually lies in easy things that aren’t as fulfilling as say – a protein bar might be.  Protein bars don’t taste like candy, but with a little effort, can make you stronger.  Exercise doesn’t feel like a ride on the couch, but well – you get it.

The things worth pursuing and enduring challenge us in body, mind, and spirit.  Transformations on that level take time.

With a little direction, faith, and a lot of patience – we can do it.  We have to experiment on the bit of direction the Lord gives . . . and faithfully pursue and endure to test its goodness.  Otherwise, we’ll miss out on seeing the fruits of our labors.

Keep going, you can do it!

-Chickout 😉


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I'm a well grounded (a)typical Mormon (Latter-day-saint) chick.

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  1. I just started a story blog on WordPress last week and I’m sooo tired right now from all the work since I’m not very computer literate, but LOVE to write. I wish I could write and have someone else do the advertising, but that’s not the way life goes.

    For various reasons, I’m especially tired tonight but “a good friend” asked me what I thought of this site. I’d like to say that I love it and I hope the author keeps going. And I want to say that this article was literally an answer to a very tired woman’s secret prayer… Thank you for the encouragement. I feel like the Lord wants me to share my talents of writing with the world. But that’s a hard thing to do–putting yourself out there for the world to judge along with all the hard work involved. But after this article, I’ll keep my chin up and continue to try the experiment of faith’s goodness… Thank you for the inspiration.

    • Thanks for stopping by, Annie. I hope future posts will be as meaningful to others as this one seemed to be for you. Thanks for your thoughts – and good luck with finding your way through sharing your talents. It’s a challenging process – but I’m sure you’ll be better for it. -atmchick

  2. Absolutely!!! You said it so well. Amen to the whole part. And I’m coming up on that chapter in my Book of Mormon scripture study, so I’m excited to add your insights with it.

    • @ldsjaneite- Thanks. You know what’s funny? Even though I know this stuff – I still get discouraged. Yesterday, for example, I got stuck in my own head with the negatives of current trials (aka blessings in disguise) and became very blue for a couple of hours. I chose to focus on the trials rather than the blessings of my great experiment.

      It’s hard to stay faithful and on track. It’s hard to keep the wiser perspective. Thankfully -those “dark” hours are few and far between.

  3. I teach the 12 and 13 year olds at church and we recently had a discussion about that chapter, particularly, of course, as it relates to their testimonies. It takes time and effort every day. I like your application to trials. They truly are an experiment. Take a step in one direction. Is this the right way? Perhaps not. Try a different one. Patience… Ah…

    • Step here – step there – sounds like we’re dancing. . . And some days you feel like you’re dosey doe-ing with God. 🙂 Not so bad to have him for a dancing partner, eh? Dancing through life seems much more enjoyable than trudging along, don’t you think? We may take a wrong step, fall out of time, or land on our backsides – but He’s always there with an outstretched hand.

  4. Protein bars, yuck! I think protein bars are over-marketed. You really only need protein bars if you are a super athlete and even then most marathoners prefer Gu or liquid protein shots (easier to digest on the go).

    I guess some people use them to skip a meal in dieting, but really eating a salad would be better for you.

    Most protein bars are glorified candy bars.

    But, I agree with the rest of your post. All the most rewarding things in my life didn’t come easily.

    • @Hannah-
      All right, all right. I guess I should have said chicken. It probably would have been better because you have to put more work into it as well (cook it). Plus – it’s more nutritious.

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