Prayer Request

Hey all,
I have a request today. . .

A friend of mine just had a baby. Unfortunately, the baby somehow developed hydrops in gestation. She was born drowning – and because of the problem is in critical condition. Please add baby Lucy to your prayers as well as her family. Grant and Gretchen (her parents) have started a blog about her. We’re hoping that with faith and prayers – she’ll survive. Thank you for yours.

Lucy’s blog is:

-Marzee, your AtmChick

Update: Lucy is doing great! Her heart is the correct size, she’s breathing beautifully – great brain function. Truly a miracle baby. Thanks for all of your prayers!


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I'm a well grounded (a)typical Mormon (Latter-day-saint) chick.

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  1. Please add Gilberto Serpas to the Roll of Prayers. Gilberto is very I’ll. Thanks for praying for him.

  2. Friends,
    Seeing all of your requests here – I have recently added a page in the top navigation bar titled “Prayer Requests”. If you have names you’d like to be submitted for prayer – please do it there. Take care!

  3. John and Amanda

    Please pray that the marriage of John and Amanda is protected. That Jesus work his will in our marriage and and in our hearts. Please pray for healing in this marriage. She fears that I cannot change, I have been on my knees for 4 months, asking the Lord to change me, and He has. Please pray for her enlightenment and belief that I can and will be a Godly husband. Please pray that communication is restored, that she calls me, wanting to restore our marriage. Please pray that the Lord delays no longer. We are both plagued by doubt, please pray for our faith in each other and in God to heal this marriage.

  4. Please pray for me, to get out of my financial problem.
    I needed God’s miraculous help for my desperate and seemingly impossible cases.
    Thank you so very much.

  5. please pray for our marriage ann and billy


    • Hi Paulette,
      Financial struggles can be very debilitating, especially when one loses hope. I know what it’s like to wonder if you’ll ever have stability or be able to reach those dreams and goals you’ve set. We may feel like we’re in a rut and that no matter what we do, we aren’t moving forward – but the very act of trying is movement. Just take one step today . . . then another tomorrow. Do one act that will aid in your job search, make a contact that will help lift a burden whether by friendship, advice, spiritual or financial means. Each little step helps move you towards your goal, no matter how minor it that step may be.

      If I may, I’d like to make a suggestion. The LDS church has services that help people with job searches – it’s open to the public and locations are all over. They offer career placement, workshops, training, and more. The link is through . Provident living also offers counseling help if you need someone to talk to.

      If you’re looking for articles that may help I did a search on and found these:
      financial burden
      You may find something there that gives you hope or direction on what to try next.

      I don’t know how serious your pain is or whether or not you’re suicidal. If you’re having such thoughts, please call the national hotline 1-800-273-8255.

      Paulette, my heart sincerely feels for you. I know it can be frustrating to pray and feel unheard. However, it’s the times when we don’t feel like praying that we most need to. Heavenly Father always answers our prayers. Even though we may not get an immediate answer or do not receive the answer that we expect, Heavenly Father does answer every sincere prayer.

      You are his daughter, he loves you and wants you to succeed. Don’t give up. It’ll come. You’ll be in my prayers.

      7¶Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:

      8For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.
      Matthew 7:7-8

      PS – I also wrote a post on our struggles with finances if you want to read it, “Struggle to a Beaconing Future“.

  7. I Request you to pray for:

    1. My parents – who are ailing – give them strength to take care of them, My father has heart problem and knee join pain pleaese pray for him to recover soon. My mother has breathing problem, please help her recover soon – grant us peace, love and happiness in our home

    2. Pray for my sister and brother in law – they are married a year ago, help them to have a good married life, peace, love, happines and better understanding

    3. Pray for younger sister to get better job, patience in life and better future over all. help her from all troubles in her life.

    4. I surrender myself for two reason .
    a. I had recently attended an interview – please i request you to pray that i get thru the job and help me change for my betterement. Please request you help me get this job
    b. for my marraige, my father and sister are not agreeing for the girl i have seen. Please request you pray and make them understand my love towards the girl and let them accept us. I pray that Lord Jesus enlighten the minds of my parents and sister.

    5. Please i reuqest for you to pray to get me this Job.

    6. I pray lord Jesus for the peace in this world.

  8. What a beautiful baby. Our prayers are with her and her parents. Thanks for passing word on.

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