Conductors through Eternity

A crystal stair,
Climb of the dead,
Sings of hope and faithless dread.

As children we trial,
Of mortality we flee,
The serpent staircase,
To the grantors that be.

Of kingdoms to come,
Of wills been done,
Of ends and beginnings,
To worlds unseen.

We hasten in vain
Through eternity.
A timeless fight,
Feigns destiny.

But when we arrive
We see our world,
Of thoughtless lives
And cancers served.

A speck of time
Was ours to rule.
A family to save
For the celestial pool.

Have we grasped the chosen hand?
Did we do for God and man?
Or did we pass and fail to see,
The Christ in our neighbor and enemy?

Forgotten love may be our crime,
Deaf and dumb, mute and blind.
We never did care to listen.
We forgot to see and lost the missing.

So prepare to climb the unseen stair
And lead the train of love and care.
For men are that they might be
Conductors through eternity.

I don’t read or study poetry.  This was simply written in response to a class exercise. Seemed appropriate to post it here. ~ atmchick


About atmchick

I'm a well grounded (a)typical Mormon (Latter-day-saint) chick.

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  1. P.S. I really liked, “A peck of time was ours to rule” it made me realize how tiny and short this life is in the grand scheme of things — and how much we shouldn’t waste it worrying about petty things, etc.

  2. What? You wrote this?! The whole time I thought I was just reading some cool poem you had found and wanted to share. Amazing, Marz! Very very cool! I even accidentally wiped mustard on my forehead while I was reading it (and eating my sandwich) — and surely that means it must have been a good read for me to have done that!

    • Yes, I wrote this last night for a class. It’s due today. A classmate wrote the first line – then I had to follow it with two lines of metaphors. From there I was to take it wherever.

      Mustard on the forehead is a great compliment- lol. Thanks.

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