Watch out ABC . . . Here comes the Mormon Bachelorette!

The other night I happened to catch an episode of ABC’s The Bachelorette. Ashley is this season’s bachelorette and she happens to have issues getting over a past “relationship” (can we call it that?). Apparently the guy (Bentley) walked away (was this guy the former bachelor from a previous season and chose someone else over Ashley? still trying to put the pieces together). Oh no . . . I just saw a clip of them from a past season and all he could talk about was how good she looked in her pants and that he’d like her to “tickle his pickle”. Really?! ugh. She must have seen those episodes and clips. Does she not see the disrespect there? To help her move on, the producers are flying Bentley in to Hong Kong (the next destination of the show).

Is She Crazy?!?!

Seeing this preview, my thoughts were . . . what?!?!?! Is she crazy? If she isn’t over him . . . or hasn’t achieved closure she shouldn’t even be on the show! I feel sorry for the bachelors who are biding for her affections. I think it would feel like a slap in the face for these guys who have put so much on the line just to have a chance with her.

If my husband was on the show . . . he’d turn and walk away . . . “thanks, but no thanks”. However, I can see how since these bachelors are so heavily invested . . . they may want to wait it out. Do you think any of them will leave when finding out about Bentley’s return? Will Bentley become a bachelor on the show? *cringe* If I were them, I’d be pretty upset.

The Mormon Bachelorette

Now – here’s something interesting . . . did you know there’s a Mormon version of the Bachelorette? True.

It all started with a couple of girlfriends who were HUGE fans of the ABC show and decided they wanted their own version so one of the girls could find her own bachelor. She did. . . . and I’ve gotta say that Matt and Aubrey make a cute couple (pictured right). They were sealed/married for time and all eternity in the Los Angeles Temple and are currently expecting their first little one. LDSLiving even did an article on the show. *Click to read the story*

Meet the next Mormon Bachelorette

The Mormon Bachelorette has recently cast season two’s lucky lady – and guess what her name is? Ashley; Ashley from Arizona (hmm, now where have I heard that name before?).  The entire show is accessible online. You get to see the audition “tapes” for bachelors and bachelorettes, vote on who you’d like to see on the show – and view streamed webisodes on their site. Do you know of any LDS guys who might make a great bachelor for Ashley? Send them to the site now to apply! If you want to see Ashley’s prospects or how LDS people date in the real world check out The Mormon Bachelorette.

How does the Mormon Bachelorette way of dating compare to ABC’s? Visit to find out.

In the meantime, here’s Ashley . . .


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  1. where can I watch episodes of this? I’m having a hard time finding it.

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