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Mormon Myths and Reality

Mormon Myths

“I don’t think they worship anybody.  They don’t believe in a God, I think.”

“They can’t drink carbonated beverages.”

“When the wife gets old, they get a new one.”

What’s the truth?  Watch the video. . .

– Chickout 😉


Afterbirth stupidity – not so funny?

Mormon Myths

I’ve mentioned in comments that I find creating good posts in here VERY challenging.  Why?  I feel the need to be RC (religiously correct – yes, I’m making it up).  For example – I’m debating on whether or not I should keep the “Mormon Myths” section because part of me wants to go on some sarcastic tongue-in-cheek tangent of how lovely it is that “Mormons eat the afterbirth of their children”. Continue Reading

Mormons vs. Trolls

Mormon Myths

Not really a Mormon Myth, but funny.  This is a True Story.  Really.

A friend (“Sally”) of our family works with people of disabilities.  They range in age from children to adults as well as level of need/disability.

8am – One morning Sally got a panicked call from a 75-year-old client (“Bob”).

Continue Reading . . .