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Prayer Request

Hey all,
I have a request today. . .

A friend of mine just had a baby. Unfortunately, the baby somehow developed hydrops in gestation. She was born drowning – and because of the problem is in critical condition. Please add baby Lucy to your prayers as well as her family. Grant and Gretchen (her parents) have started a blog about her. We’re hoping that with faith and prayers – she’ll survive. Thank you for yours.

Lucy’s blog is:

-Marzee, your AtmChick

Update: Lucy is doing great! Her heart is the correct size, she’s breathing beautifully – great brain function. Truly a miracle baby. Thanks for all of your prayers!


Trial Experiments


Do you ever have trials in life that require some direction?  You get a little but know your trial – the thing you’re working through – will be of seemingly long duration?  I know how you feel.  It’s hard to work through and wait it out.  Today I came across a scripture that helped me remember patience:
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Does your Marriage look like this?

Marriage seems to have a bad rap these days.  What with he woes of commitment, divorce rates, financial burden – and let’s not forget the kids.  Who wants those? (Oh wait, I do!)

My wise and talented friend, Mona has a divine website dedicated to infusing real romance and love back into marriage.  Her April 17th post featured this video – made by her equally awesome kids.

Marriage doesn’t have to entail misery and heartache.  It could look like this . . .

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A?typical Mormon Background

I just published my A?typical Mormon Background in the “About” section.  Click HERE if you want to read it.

-Chickout 😉