The “Weakness” of Motherhood

I turned thirty this week. My twenties were personally challenging for me. Unlike many twenty-year-olds, I didn’t get to go off to college, live in a dorm or “find myself”. My parents never thought to prepare me for college, searching out scholarships, saving money and I never considered that I would have to worry about it until it was too late. So I stayed home, went to community college, decided to go to beauty school to help pay my way through college and worked. Shortly before my twentieth birthday I met a boy . . . who only a few months later would become my husband. I moved out of my parents’ house into a home with my husband and continued school and work until our first little baby arrived.

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Conductors through Eternity

A crystal stair,
Climb of the dead,
Sings of hope and faithless dread.

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A Love Story

I wasn’t ready for my husband. Well, I was ready to marry but I wasn’t looking for the guy who annoyingly followed me out of class one day – all the way to the water fountain and back. As if I didn’t know what he was up to. His interrogation didn’t make such a great impression either, “How old are you? Where are you from?” Smooth. His name was Jon. Continue Reading . . .

Prayer Request

Hey all,
I have a request today. . .

A friend of mine just had a baby. Unfortunately, the baby somehow developed hydrops in gestation. She was born drowning – and because of the problem is in critical condition. Please add baby Lucy to your prayers as well as her family. Grant and Gretchen (her parents) have started a blog about her. We’re hoping that with faith and prayers – she’ll survive. Thank you for yours.

Lucy’s blog is:

-Marzee, your AtmChick

Update: Lucy is doing great! Her heart is the correct size, she’s breathing beautifully – great brain function. Truly a miracle baby. Thanks for all of your prayers!

Live your Best Self today

Trying something new. . . . but seriously – why does the video image have to choose such a lovely freeze?  Let me know what you think and be sure to post what living one day as the best you is like!

Take the challenge to live your best self just for one day!

Things to Consider when tackling your day:

  • Think about what your best self would look like.  How would you respond to challenges?  How would you treat others?  What things/tasks would you make sure to do?
  • Start your day with a prayer that you will be mindful of what you’re trying to accomplish with this task.
  • What’s one thing you can do during this challenge that will help you improve yourself or get closer to a goal that will help magnify your potential?
  • Record your thoughts and experiences in your journal (and here in the comments section – I want to read all about it!).

Oh, and I have a new Youtube channel for these vids.  The URL is

New Year’s: Look Not behind Thee

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