Prayer Requests


I recently did a post asking for your prayers on behalf of a friend of mine. Thankfully, many friends, family and readers did just that and miracles happened. Since that post I’ve been surprised with how many people are adding requests in the comment section for prayer on behalf of their loved ones.

As a friend, I would like to help you. Something great about being a Latter-day Saint is that we have the opportunity to go to the temple and pray for people who are sick and afflicted. Names of people in need of prayers are submitted by Church members to temples around the world.

If you would like me to add your loved one’s name to the temple, I would love to do so. Please understand that this is a special and sacred opportunity. We take this very seriously. The name you submit will be prayed for by all people who attend the Portland, Oregon temple for a two week period. Please only submit a name if the person is truly sick or afflicted.

I know that praying for our loved ones has an incredible impact.

To have a name submitted to the Portland, Oregon LDS temple – please share the person’s first and last name in the comments section below. I’ll be praying with you.

With Love,

Marzee – Your atmchick
Portland, Oregon LDS temple

  1. Please pray for my sister in law Cristina King who has a very aggresive form of brain cancer.
    Thank you

  2. Please pray for my cousin ( Gladimy Julme) he fell and when he went to the hospital; the doctor told him that he has a broken bone in his head. I’ve been a member of the church for about six months. Please help me pray for him.

  3. Lord let not my heart be troubled; prayer for cousin JC let not his heart be troubled

  4. Please pray for my son who is looking for a job and getting discouraged. His name is Daniel.
    Many thanks and God bless. His mother.

  5. Danny Keate he has suffered a heat stoke while doing special forces training at fort brag in North Carolina. In need of healing affirmative prayer.

    Thank you

  6. Danny Keate

  7. Please play for Zane Stahl Health well-being of mind and a turnaround of his earthly circumstances

  8. Please pray for my son-in-law, Jeff Markham at this time. He is going through some very serious health problems. We are waiting for test results to determine what is wrong and his course of treatment. Any and all prayers would be appreciated.

  9. Please pray for my husband Robert and our family, The Rose Family. I am so grateful for my beautiful family and the blessing they are in my life. Someday I plan to take them to the temple to be sealed for time and all eternity. Nothing else brings me such joy then my family. I love them so much and at this time we could use some extra prayers.

  10. PLEASE add Jeremiah William Clark, Nadine an Gerald Clark. I tahnk You

  11. I am interested in becoming a Mormon and would love to be apart of that. However I do have a couple of prayer requests. 1. To be motivated and have the best year and make it my year. 2. get career training for myself I have very bad ptsd. 3. to become financially independent from my parents this year and hopefully find a new place to live and call home. 4. move on with my life and heal from my abuse from my childhood.

    • Hi Elizabeth,
      I will add your name and you’ll be in my prayers as well. If you want to locate a Mormon Church in your area to attend you can go to . You can also chat with someone live or request a free copy of the Book of Mormon. I hope you find strength and many wonderful opportunities this year. I know you’ll be blessed as you strive to find truth and keep God’s commandments. I’m also open to being a “pen pal,” should you decide to email me. Take care.

  12. Betty Downs
    Madison Oden
    Dee Anna Young
    Danyelle Young
    Wendy Young

  13. Please add Michelle Howard to your prayer list! She will be having surgery on Friday! Thank you

  14. Please put Darrol Belt on the prayer roll. He just had a heart attack and his family is concerned for his health.

  15. Carla Oden

    • I am asking for prayer / I lost my mother last month / and I also lost my job 6 months ago // I have fallen in a deep depression / Please Heavenly Father help me to move forward with my life as well as blessing me with a new job !! Carla Oden

  16. Please add Brent Faulkner to the Prayer Roll. Brent is very ill and will appreciate prayers on his behalf. Thank you.

  17. I’m with cancer of the mammary glands and kidney disease. Please pray for me that I became healthy.

  18. Randy spradlin

    Please add Randal and Felicia Spradlin to the prayer roll after 25 years of marriage and three wonderful boys my wife now feels “broken” and is leaving me to try and find something to fill the void she is feeling. I love her with all my heart and want to be together for the eternities but some type of guilt or depression is pushing her away. Please pray for peace and healing!

  19. Please pray for Dawn Barrett a fine and wonderful woman, she is gravely ill with cancer and her time left is limited. Please pray for her soul and her family

  20. Matthew and Janet Farley

    Urgent prayer needed, please! I humbly ask for your urgent prayer for the ENGAGEMENT & MARRIAGE of Janet R. and Matthew W. Farley. PRAY FOR: ( I ask these prayers come to life and realization in the next 3 weeks / July 2013.) PERMANENT and sincere reconciliation of our relationship. A life-long commitment, engagement and marriage. No cheating, lying, unfaithfulness or hiding. LORD, work in Matt’s heart and life, make him a Godly man, loving, committed and honest. Bring him to his knees and tears for YOU Lord, your word and our relationship.

    • I put Janet and Matthew on the prayer role. Keep working at it. In the meantime, my friend has recently published a book that could help strengthen your relationship. While it’s geared towards women, even men have been reading it and having it change their hearts. You should check it out. It’s amazing. “Wife for Life”

  21. Larry Newton Fields, Jr

    My name is Larry Fields and I need to be placed on the prayer roll. I lost my job over two years ago, and am going into surgery next month.As a result of loosing my job, I lost my car, my relationship of well over a year ended, I have had to take in my aging mother due to her poor health. My budget was stretched before moving her in so you can imagine what it is now. She needs medical care she cannot afford, and I cannot afford, much less get her to her doctor’s appointments. My savings are gone, my food storage is gone. I am at my wits end. My prayers seem to be ignored, I have fasted and nothing changes. I am so weak in spirit right now and have no one or place to turn to for help. Please put my name on the prayer roll. Thank you.

    • Hi Larry,
      I’m sorry for your challenges. Hang in there, you’re not forgotten. I was just studying in the scriptures today about various prophets and the numerous challenges and hardships they faced. . . . even those who could be argued as most favorable were given great obstacles. There always seems to be more in these things that we can comprehend. Hold on, have faith and courage. You are one of His children and he loves you. You’re in my prayers tonight, and I’ll call the temple tomorrow requesting your name be put on the prayer roll. You are not alone, not even as you read this.

  22. Please pray for the beautiful soul of Vera Browne who died on 31.1.2012 aged 90. She is missed deeply.

  23. Literally, no matter what happens I thnk I always seem fine and happy. However, I am at this point past my last straw. I mean, I dont complain EVER that I have no bed or mattress or shoes (I do have plastic flip flops from Target at 2.99). I only have a couple of sweat suits to wear and that is it. I am not able to get medical help or anything else I need. I am having problems walking and with feelings in my leg, with walking, with everthing… yet I have nowhere for help and I do not (hardly ever) complain, yet I think I have just about reached my final limit. I pray with much faith, in the name of Jesus Christ for a miracle of health/healing and/or comfort/strength. Sincerely, I just dont think there is any last drop of anything left in me. I cannot go one last step or drop. Please send me strength, and/or healing or something. I can’t take so much hatred and meaness toward me. Ever since I have looked less pretty, people are so mean. I feel like I am at my last breath. Please help.

    • I don’t wish to address you as “HatedOne,” so I will call you friend.
      Dear Friend,
      I’m sorry things are so challenging for you at this moment in time. Probably one of the hardest things we have to do in this life is endure. We’re told in the scriptures that after we do all that we are able, we must endure. An article I recently read spoke of the importance to endure with happiness. What a huge challenge! In this article this woman shares of her medical challenges, and the heartbreak it lead to with her child and how during her difficult period of trial she learned that not only was she to endure, but to do so happily.

      “As far as our difficulties were concerned, I had resolved to just ‘wait it out,’ pushing through whatever the current challenge was and trusting that things would be so much better once it was resolved. This can’t be real life, I thought. I just needed to hold on, knowing this too would pass.” – Emma Petty Adams, “Enduring Well” Ensign, March 2010

      She found that just “waiting it out” wasn’t enough. She had to become proactive. . . . sometimes that means physical work, other times it means working our faith, forgetting ourselves in services to others, or counting our blessings. Yes, this requires energy. . . . energy to fight through your trials with faith and hope.

      In that same article, Emma also says, “I used to think that happiness comes after the hard part is over. But I have learned that we can be happy while enduring.” I hope that you too may find some happiness during this time. I will pray for you – for your strength, for your will to endure happily, and hopefully – for the faith an work that it will take to move you through this difficult time. My thoughts are with you.

      P.S. Perhaps reading one of the articles I linked will give you strength? Or – if you click to them, you mind find some measure of hope in another related article. Have courage – and know that someone, somewhere is with you in heart and spirit. The Lord too, is on your side. Always. You can do it!

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